Red Meat: Healthy Ways to Fit it Into Your Diet

Red Meat: Healthy Ways to Fit it Into Your Diet

Red meat has quite a poor reputation at the moment. Like anything else, if you eat too much of it, it can be bad for you. But not many of us are about to give up beef, bacon or steak anytime soon. Therefore, it makes sense to find ways to fit it into your diet in a healthy kind of way. This is something that anyone can do. So, read on, and then enjoy meat in a healthy and safe way.

Opt for Lean Cuts

When you are choosing which cuts of meats to buy, you should always opt for the leanest. If you want to stay healthy and eat red meat in a healthy way, then this is essential. You might not know which cuts are the leanest, but it’s easy enough to talk to your butcher. They will point you in the right direction.

Choose Fresh Rather Than Processed Meat

You can get your hands on fresh meat in many ways. You can import beef and other meats if you want certain cuts. Or you can go to your local butcher. These are all better option than buying red meat that is processed and unhealthy. When meat is processed, all kinds of other thing are added to it. These additives and preservatives tend to make the meat less healthy, so they’re best avoided if possible.


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Grilling is Healthier Than Frying

How you cook the red meat is very important. If you are tempted to fry a cut of meat, you might want to think again. This is always one of the least healthy cooking options that you can choose. It has a severely negative impact on your diet if you eat too much red meat that has been cooked this way. Instead, you should grill the meat. You will then have to use less oil and fat, which can only be a good thing for your body. And the fat from the meat will drain away too.


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Eat Liver

Liver is one of the most healthy examples of red meat that you can find. This is something that you should definitely try to incorporate into your diet if you can. It will allow you to consume more red meat while also giving your body the iron and vitamin A it really needs. You can cook liver in many different ways. And you can also buy or make your own liver pate if you like. There are lots of ways to get more liver into your diet, so give it a try.

Always Store it Safely

Finally, you should be careful about how you store the red meat you buy. This is very important if you want to eat it in a way that is healthy and good for you. Always pay attention to the use by date. And make sure that any raw meat is stored in a sealed bag at the bottom of the fridge. If you freeze and then defrost the meat, you should be sure to cook it quickly and eat it. Always cook it in a way that ensures the food is cooked all the way through to kill bacteria.


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