Honey Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Honey Garlic Shrimp Pasta!

Easy, delicious honey garlic shrimp pasta made in just less than 20 minutes. This simple yet sophisticated dish is a must have for cooler weather, even date night approved 

Is everyone as excited as me about this sweater weather, hot chocolate days, beautiful yellow leaves and fall festivals? I absolutely love this magically time of the year. I wish it stays like this until the holidays.

On another note, life has been hectic with a 16 month old energetic toddler. I think “hyper” is an understatement. I wasn’t as hyper like this when I was her age (I think)!!

But let’s talk food because this is a food blog. I’m easily distracted. Sorry!

This dish is a wild roller coaster of flavors with the tangy flavor of tamarind, pleasant hint of honey, the creaminess of butter. This simple yet sophisticated spaghetti dish will blow your mind.

You already know how muchI love noodles. On busy days when I only have a few minutes to prepare dinner, I would always rely on my spaghetti to make dinner happen quickly and effortlessly. This honey garlic shrimp pasta couldn’t come in at a better time.

Definitely a BIG yes to a quick and nice dinner, even date night approved.

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