Meat Lover’s Tomato Sauce

Meat Lover’s Tomato Sauce

Never buy tomato sauce in a jar again! Tomato sauce made from scratch takes 30 minutes to make and tastes a million times better.

This simple sauce is delicious and in this recipe the veal creates great meaty flavor. Don’t skimp on the tomatoes. Purchasing high-quality canned tomatoes makes all the difference in the taste.

I like to use Hunt’s brand tomatoes. They may be a bit pricier than the generic grocery version but it will make all the difference in the flavor of the sauce.

I’m not a fan of sweet tomato sauce. In fact I prefer my sauce a bit on the spicy side. That’s why I always add a link of hot Italian sausage when I’m browning my ground veal.

This recipe makes enough to freeze so you have plenty for a quick last minute meal or to use in dishes that call for tomato sauce, like lasagna.

A little Parmesan added during the last 5 minutes thickens up this sauce.

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