The Elderly Need to Keep Active Too!

The Elderly Need to Keep Active Too!



We all have to stay active. So many of us are living sedentary lifestyles. We sit down for hours upon hours, and even regular exercise doesn’t quite remove all the damage. But when we think about the elderly, we’re often picturing just that: someone sitting down all the time. Someone who isn’t moving around very much and isn’t very focused on their physical health.

There are, of course, a lot of exceptions. But people who take proper care of themselves really do seem to be in the minority. Here’s an article about health and exercise in older age that we hope you find useful.

The myth of inevitable decline

Many are reluctant to consider exercise at an older age. After all, it’s the decline in physique and health inevitable? Well, to some extent, yes. But many take this thinking way too far. The fact is that many health issues we associate with old age are actually the result of a lack of healthy living. Even if you haven’t done much exercise in the past, getting active in your elder years is still absolutely possible. It’s also worth your time.



Getting proper care during the process

Let’s not deny that there are risks, though. An elderly person certainly needs to be a lot more careful about how they exercise, and with how much they exercise. I don’t want to paint a picture of all elderly people being frail! But it is essential that you get the right care and treatment during this process. Seeing a doctor and getting some advice about exercise routines is essential. Long-term healthcare professionals such as BrightStar Care can also be of tremendous help.

Considering psychological health

Exercise in these years isn’t just great for the body. As you’re probably aware, the mind can become a controversial and scary topic in this field. Well, exercise is always useful against mental health problems. It helps keep people positive. And this remains true throughout your later years. Exercise can help protect the elderly from psychological distress. For some, this may be the most important thing on the table.



Keeping active

So how exactly should your average elderly person exercise? Well, let’s not think in terms of “average”. Everyone is unique in their physique and health. This is why you should be visiting a doctor beforehand. You could be capable of a lot more than you think. Still, it’s always best to get into this slowly. Taking regular walks and doing some light cardio are great ways to get the process started. Once your body becomes acclimated to all of this, you can start to get a bit more vigorous. Light weight-lifting and more vigorous walks can take place.

The power of games

Alternatively, you could just buy a Nintendo Wii. Hey, the data seems to back such a decision! It’s not as ridiculous a suggestion as you may think. (And yes, despite being nearly two generations out of date, the Wii is still popular among families!) It not only helps with light indoors exercise, but it’s also very entertaining. All great things for mental and physical health!

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