Gingersnap Cranberry Apple Crisp

Gingersnap Cranberry Apple Crisp

Sweet and gooey apple filling, tart cranberries, topped with a buttery, crunchy, spicy gingersnap cookie crisp! This Gingersnap Cranberry Apple Crisp dessert deserves a spot on your holiday menu.

The lines are starting to blur for me between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am merging the two in this Gingersnap Cranberry Apple Crisp. I think of apple desserts as more of a fall/Thanksgiving thing, and I definitely associate gingerbread and cranberry stuff as Christmas foods. This dessert will work for either holiday, that’s partly what’s so great about it.

It’s still totally appropriate for Thanksgiving, but it’s crossing over to Christmas.

Soft cinnamon-sugar baked apples with tart cranberries, and topped with a gingersnap-cookie-crumble-streusel-like thing. 🙂 Gingersnap cookie crumbs with oats, butter, and spices. It’s tart, sweet, and spicy. A little of everything, including a little fall, and a little Christmas.

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