Snickerdoodle Thumbprints with Cookie Butter Buttercream

Snickerdoodle Thumbprints with Cookie Butter Buttercream

Buttery thumbprint cookies, dusted with cinnamon-sugar, and filled with Biscoff cookie butter buttercream! These Snickerdoodle Thumbprints with Cookie Butter Buttercream need to have a spot on your holiday cookie tray.

Cookie butter buttercream is going to make another appearance before Christmas. Don’t hate me for the lack of variety. Once you try it, you will be elated that it’s going to show up again.

I wasn’t sure it was going to work to make buttercream from cookie butter because I’m just not as familiar with the ingredient makeup of cookie butter. Besides that it’s maybe made partially with crushed cookies??

I’ve made peanut butter buttercream (plenty), and macadamia nut butter buttercream. Oh, and Nutella buttercream. Still, I didn’t know if cookie butter would work the same in buttercream as nut butters. It’s not a nut butter, afterall.

I tried it with similar proportions that I use with other nut butters in frosting, and it resulted in a PERFECT light and fluffy buttercream on the first try. Then I made it twice more. It’s surprisingly really fluffy, and it’s strong on cookie butter flavor. It is addictive and amazing, and of course, I want it on absolutely everything now.

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