Scented Beeswax Ornaments to Brighten Your Tree

Scented Beeswax Ornaments to Brighten Your Tree

Beeswax has a beautiful natural scent on it’s own and make a wonderful natural ornament for your holiday tree.

This tutorial shows how to add essential oils to make lovely scented beeswax ornaments.

Actually, beeswax smells really lovely on its own, so you could leave the oil out of this recipe, but cinnamon is also a really nice homey scent.


Flower Cake Molds
1 Pound Beeswax Pellets
Cinnamon Essential Oil – 1-3 tablespoons
Natural Jute Twine

I don’t know what happened to the pretty angel molds we had. They were originally sold to make soap. I looked around, and found this cute cake mold in the shape of flowers, that ended up working great.


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