Strapped For Cash? Here’s How To Make Your Family Secure

Strapped For Cash? Here’s How To Make Your Family Secure

This time of year, it’s easy to look at your bank account and realise that it doesn’t look quite as healthy as you’d like it to. Christmas presents tend to wipe out a significant part of what you’ve saved over the year – it can be an extremely expensive time of year what with travelling, parties to attend, clothes to purchase, and of course food to buy and cook. But there are ways that you can increase your own and your family’s security by cutting back. Here are some ways to help…

Start Budgeting

Open up Microsoft Excel and make a spreadsheet detailing all your incomings and outgoings. Obviously, if your outgoings exceed your incomings then you might be in a bit of trouble! It’s important to make sure that you know where exactly your money is going and what you’re spending it on if you’re not completely certain. Making a spreadsheet will help you see what needs to be cut out and help you to create a budget for the future that you can stick to which will help you save money.


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Get What You’re Entitled To

If you’re entitled to payments from social security, then make sure that you’re getting exactly what you should be. Money from the government isn’t there just to help you – it’s there to help your kids and to make sure that their futures are as good as they possibly can be. If you want help getting what you want, talk to a lawyer like David Chermol.


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Plan Your Meals

If you plan your meals, chances are that you’ll find yourself spending significantly less on food. If you go out grocery shopping without a clear list and without much of an idea about what exactly you want to buy, you’ll probably end up filling your cart with food that you don’t particularly need or want. But if you know what exactly you’re there for and what your budget is, then you won’t be too tempted by other food. If you plan your meals to make sure that you have a nutritious, filling dinner and a good lunch and breakfast, then you’ll also cut down on expensive snacking through the day.


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Cut Down On Non Essentials

This may make life a little more boring, but crucially you’ll be able to sleep far better at night! If you go to Starbucks every other day, then get yourself a coffee mug so you can take your own coffee to work. If you like to go out to see movies, then get a subscription to an online streaming service like Netflix or Hulu instead. It’s important that you live within your means.

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Start A Savings Account

For any big problems like your boiler breaking or your car breaking down, it’s great to know that you have a nest egg in the bank to break your fall. Set aside a small amount of money every month and put it into a savings account. You could use it to help your family out if you have financial problems – alternatively, it could be used for your kids’ education in the future.

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