Easy Chicken Parmesan Lasagna

Easy Chicken Parmesan Lasagna

Combine two Italian dinner favorites into one with this cheesy chicken Parmesan lasagna.

We’re big fans of chicken Parmesan in my house. It’s the perfect dinner for family night. Of course no one turns down lasagna when I pull a panful out of the oven.

Between chicken Parmesan and good old-fashioned lasagna, it’s hard to decide what to make for dinner. Now you can have both in one pan!

My chicken Parmesan lasagna marries both of these comfort food favorites into one. The chicken is Panko crusted and nestled in between layers of cheesy ricotta filling, tangy marinara and no-bake lasagna noodles.

Making this lasagna couldn’t be any easier. Many lasagna recipes call for up to 4 cups of ricotta cheese. I found 2 cups to be plenty and just as cheesy and delicious.

My family likes their pasta saucy. I used 6 cups of marinara in the recipe but I made sure we had a little extra simmering on the stove. We like to drizzle a little extra on top.

This dish can be assembled ahead of time. Our weekdays are busy, so I used Sunday to prepare and cook the chicken. With the chicken cubed, I was able to assemble this recipe in a matter of minutes the next day.

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