Bacon Apple & Caramelized Onion Brussels Sprouts

Bacon Apple & Caramelized Onion Brussels Sprouts

With crispy fried bacon, caramelized honey crisp apple chunks, caramelized onions, and brown sugar, these are a little sweet, and a little salty. They’re buttery and soft in the center, but have crispy, charred edges.

Brussels sprouts are my favorite veggie, hands down. The truth is, this sweet-tooth really isn’t a vegetable fan. I would take any and all fruit over vegetables, any day. Fruit is sweet! It has sugar! Of course I want ALL the fruit, but I know that vegetables are important for nutrition purposes, I must reluctantly admit, so I’ve found ways to love them. Or at the very least, like them.

I love Brussels sprouts, period. I never tire of them. I go through phases with vegetables where I eat them constantly for a few months, then I never really eat them ever again, but I never go through that with Brussels sprouts. There’s a million ways to prepare them too, so you have versatility on your side.

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