Renovate Your Home, Refurbish Your Finances

Renovate Your Home, Refurbish Your Finances

When you feel like your home needs a bit of renovation, all the ideas and additions that you want to put in place can be a headache. This includes everything from planning your budget properly to doing a bit of DIY (something as small as measuring a space can be classed as DIY) – it can all seem very stressful and tiresome to begin with but once you get the result you desire it will all be worth it. An updated and more modern bathroom with a new shower or sink, a cosier living room with new artwork, or a more spacious bedroom can all provide you with years of satisfaction.

Refurbishing your property, however, can be a costly task if not thought about correctly and sticking to your budget might well prove to be a tad difficult, although it’s not impossible.

Borrow, Don’t Buy

There are some tools that can be borrowed instead of bought. Ask your neighbours if you can use their power tools while you make changes to your home. For example, you may find yourself in need of an electric sander or nail gun but are not certain that you would ever use them again. This doesn’t just apply to power tools though, as things like sandpaper, paint brushes and even paint, can sometimes be found for free if your friends and family are feeling generous.

In exchange, offer to help them with jobs around their houses, or return the favour in another suitable way. This way, you get to save money and maintain a good relationship with people around you. If you find yourself having a lot of things that you want to get rid of, or move to storage, you could ask your friends and family if they would like any of the things you don’t need. Instead of them coming to collect, you could return the favour of them letting you borrow their tools by using moving companies.

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Give Second-Hand a Go

If you have to buy, then look to buy second-hand. There are many people who are keen to sell their equipment or materials for a much cheaper price because they are not brand new. Look at ads, online stores and even car boot sales to get great deals on supplies. Just be sure to use good judgement when dealing with strangers. Also, ask for photos or ask to view the item before purchasing it if buying online. Some used items may be too worn, old or even broken to be of any use to you.

A New Coat of Paint

A new coat of paint is a very simple, yet very effective way to give a completely new sense to your home. This is especially true in busier areas of your home, where dirty finger marks and general wear and tear can leave walls looking worn out and uncared for. Start with a fresh coat of paint in the first case and then have another look if you need to do any additional painting in that particular room.

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