Jamaican Jerk Baked Wings

Jamaican Jerk Baked Wings

Jamaican Jerk Baked Wings – no breading, just tons of flavor and crispiness!  Gluten free and paleo friendly.

This is the first time I’ve baked wings at home and I have to say I was very happy with the result.  Not only was it super easy to do but they taste amazing, and I know they aren’t deep fried in gross oils, or breaded with refined flour and then deep fried.   I used a delicious Jamaican Jerk (affiliate link) seasoning that I got on the sale rack at Sprouts for a dollar.  I know some of you don’t like to buy specialty seasonings, I get that and respect that.  I’m sure there are a million recipes out there to make your Jamaican jerk seasoning or even for wings from scratch.  I just know that when I’m entertaining the last thing I want to do is pull 15 seasoning bottles out to make my seasoning and then make the wings.  I’d much rather stick with the one bottle of oil, one bottle of seasoning, and one bag of wings to work with.

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