Easy Butter Cake

Easy Butter Cake

Easy Butter cake is super delicious with its unique buttery flavor and rich texture. This Butter cake tastes heavenly without any frosting or toppings; with just the goodness of Butter. Enjoy this warm, moist cake,that is a popular tea time snack!!

This is the best and easy butter cake recipe, and may be the most popular one. The butter flavor is all that makes this cake super delicious. I love the moist texture, the look and with no cream and frosting it still continues to lure us with its simplicity.  Another wonderful thing is that, it is best eaten warm; so no need for security to keep away the kids from attacking the cake before it is cool enough. Sounds good, right? If at all there is any left over, I slightly warm it in the microwave oven, before serving. The buttery flavor is best when it is warm.You may also like my Dates and carrot cakeBlack Currant Muffins, Vanilla Sponge Cake, Hot milk Sponge Cake, Orange cake or other yummy bakes. For now, enjoy this perfect warm snack with your nice hot cup of tea. Go ahead and dig in!

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