Slow Cooker Middle Eastern Ribs (low carb)

Slow Cooker Middle Eastern Ribs (low carb)

These slow cooker Middle Eastern ribs are so easy to make. Just rub the unique spice blend and slow cook until tender. A tasty change to your usual ribs and they are low carb too!

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The rub is made up of a great deal of spices but I think what gives it that certain Middle Eastern taste is the cinnamon. In combination with the other spices it’s delicious with meat. As a matter of fact I’m going to have to try this rub on a burger or roast.

So to make these, you mix the spices in a small bowl first. I used Swerve sweetener because I didn’t want the extra carbs. You can most certainly use sugar and it would be the same amount as the Swerve. Rub the spices generously into the ribs on both sides. Place them into the slow cooker and cook on low all day, about 8 hours. No liquid of any kind. If you want you can broil them at the end to get them a bit crispy but they don’t need it.

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