Lemon Shrimp Asparagus Noodles (low carb)


Lemon Shrimp Asparagus Noodles

These lemon shrimp asparagus noodles are a delicious and healthy dinner. Perfect for a light, low carb dinner and only takes 15 minutes to make.

I’m a big fan of vegetable noodles. I often eat zucchini noodles while my family eats pasta. My husband does not like zucchini so he refuses to eat it. However he recently saw someone make asparagus noodles and said maybe he’d like that. What?! He wants to eat veggie noodles! Of course I will make you some! So when I came across a batch of big asparagus I pulled out my peeler and set to make these lemon shrimp asparagus noodles.

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