Green Living: It’s Not Loco To Go Eco

Green Living: It’s Not Loco To Go Eco

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Whilst people used to huff and roll their eyes at environmentalism, there’s a reason that so many people are embracing a green way of living. Obviously, the main reason is that we all enjoy our planet, to some extent, as it does give us life. Still, the thought of giving up certain commodities or things we love is often a deterrent, and it’s the simple thought of saving money which has begun to entice many people into the greener way of life. Whilst it’s perhaps not the most important reason for going green, it all reaches the same end of a healthier earth for us and generations to come. If you’re wondering how to go green, then here are some tips to get you started.

Stop collecting plastic.

Whilst everybody panicked a little when supermarkets began to charge money for people to use plastic bags, it was really a blessing in disguise. The popularity of canvas bags, as opposed to plastic bags, is something you should be celebrating. Not only are you saving money by using the same bag for your shopping on a long-term basis, but you’re saving yourself from collecting a huge mound of plastic bags around the house which you’ll only end up throwing away a few months down the line. In terms of the environment, that would be an unnecessary amount of excess plastic waste dumped into landfills or, perhaps more worryingly, into the ocean where it harms wildlife.

Saving energy is easy.

Most of us realise that it’s in our best interest to save energy. Even before the explosion of environmentalism as a popular concept, people realised that switching off lights when they weren’t in a room was going to save them money on their energy bills every month. Of course, there are many more ways to save energy around your home than this, and it could make a substantial difference to your bills at the end of the month; as well as, obviously, benefitting the world massively.

Buying energy-efficient appliances when your old ones break is a great place to start. You could be boiling water or toasting bread at the same speed but saving far more money every time you do so and doing far less damage to the environment. Double-glazing your windows could help to trap some of the escaping heat, and there are many benefits of residential tinting too, as it can allow you a little privacy and protection from the sun as well as trapping heat. Sometimes eco transformations around the house can provide a nice aesthetic switch-up as well as saving the planet. It’s always great when you can hit two birds with one stone.

Your exterior.

That’s right. You can make your home more environmentally friendly from the outside as well as the inside. Siding is something which you could be doing to the wood along the outside of the house in order to provide resistance from all elements, including water and insects. Most importantly, it serves to conserve energy, which, as discussed in the previous point, may be something that you’re not achieving to the fullest of your potential in your home.

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