Saskatoon Berry (Juneberry) Oatmeal Cookies

Saskatoon Berry (Juneberry) Oatmeal Cookies

When I was a kid, on many of our families’ camping trips, while the others slept, you would often find my Uncle Garry and I out early on cool, dewy summer mornings, picking Saskatoon berries (aka Juneberries).

Funny, during all of those picking excursions, I never once worried about running into a bear.

Back then, Saskatoons were special – the kind of special that only comes once a year. There is just something so satisfying about foraging for your own food, then inhaling as much of it as you can along the way.

The taste of a Saskatoon berry is actually quite difficult to describe. How do you even do justice to something that embodies the essence of so many of your childhood memories; a food that encapsulates the innocence, complacency, freedom and adventures of being a kid?


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