Sausage, White Bean, & Sweet Potato Soup

Sausage, White Bean, & Sweet Potato Soup

This Sausage and Bean Soup is hearty with vegetables – onion, sweet potatoes, and even Brussels sprouts, but it’s also loaded with white beans, sausage, and bacon! It has a little of everything, and it will get you through this late winter cold-spell!

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I really wanted to title this Sausage and Bean Soup recipe something way more complicated than that simple name, but I also didn’t want it to be crazy convoluted. But calling it Sausage and Bean Soup doesn’t nearly cover what all this soup has to offer. There’s SO MUCH MORE to it!

It’s hearty with vegetables – onion, sweet potatoes, and even Brussels sprouts. Yes, Brussels sprouts. They’re not just the world’s most awesome side dish, but they also make for a great veggie in soup, believe it or not. The healthfulness and heartiness does not stop there. This soup also features white beans, bacon, and a little pasta.

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