Chicken Saltimbocca Schnitzel

Chicken Saltimbocca Schnitzel

The best golden, crispy perfect schnitzel can be a bit of an enigma but I’ve got the only tricks you’ll ever need.

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Too often, schnitzels can be lacking in flavour. This is because, in this instance, more is more. More spice, that is. Because of the flour, egg, breadcrumbs mix all the flavour can actually get lost so you need to make sure you’re giving that schnitzel all the chance in the world to shine. Add lots of flavour to that coating. It can be as simple as salt and pepper but you need to add more than you think.

Or add some actual spices. Things like garlic powder, onion powder and dried herbs work beautifully. I always like paprika for it’s earthiness and some heat like cayenne is never a bad thing either.

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