Sautéed Guinness Mushrooms

Sautéed Guinness Mushrooms

There’s nothing like a grilled filet mignon topped with sautéed mushrooms. But soak those mushrooms in a dark Guinness Stout and you’ll take your dinner to the next level.


Beef, chicken or pork are perfect complements for these beer soaked button mushrooms. They impart the subtle flavor of the stout and are absolutely delicious.

These sautéed mushrooms are an easy side dish for any barbecue, holiday party or everyday dinner. They’re delicious spooned over a burger, grilled chicken or my balsamic pork tenderloin.

Buy the mushrooms presliced to cut down on kitchen prep and pick up a six pack of Guinness Extra Stout. Even if you’re not a fan of dark beer, this ale is an ingredient you will use.

These mushrooms are also easy to make up ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for when you need them. Amp up my hearty winter beef stew by adding these presoaked mushrooms.

Be sure to guard the pan while sautéing because they’re so good they’ve been known to disappear while in the pan on the stove top.


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