Keeping in Touch When You’re Traveling

Keeping in Touch When You’re Traveling

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When you’re traveling and having a great time, there will be a number of people back home who are worrying about your safety, even if they don’t make it obvious that’s what they’re doing. If you don’t want your loved ones to spend their days wondering where you are, what you’re doing and if you’re safe, you should really make an effort to keep in touch with them, and since there are now so many ways of doing so, you have no excuse not to keep them in the loop.

Here are some of the best ways of keeping in touch with friends and family when you’re traveling:

Use Your Phone

More of us are taking our smartphones with us when we travel, and this is sensible, not only because it could come in handy, but also because GPS maps can help us to navigate our way around unfamiliar territory. If you want to take your smartphone with you, you will need to pick up a local sim so that you can use the internet and make calls as and when you need to. Using your phone is probably the easiest way of staying in regular touch with your loved ones.

Find an Internet Café

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If you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting your phone up for foreign travel, take some time to find your nearest internet café. For a few dollars, you can gain access to your email, social media and apps like Skype, all of which you can use to let your friends and family know what is going on with you and show them that you are absolutely fine. Using Skype or email will obviously be much cheaper than making foreign calls, so it’s great if you’re on a tight budget too.

Send a Postcard

It might seem a bit old-fashioned now, but postcards are still happily received by people of all ages. You can create postcards that are personalized and which will show your family in picture terms what you’re up to, using any number of apps and software, and it’s a great way to show the people back home that you’re thinking of them. Just bear in mind that it will take a while for the postcards to get there, so you might want to get in touch with your family via other means too.

Write a Blog

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Travel blogs seem to take up half the internet, but they are very popular. People all over the world love reading them to find out about the far-flung places that they have as yet been unable to visit. Setting up your own blog is a great way for your loved ones to follow your travels, checking in regularly to see your ok. If you take your blog seriously and update it regularly, you might even get a following, which you could make a living from eventually. If you don’t find blogging fame, at the very least, you’ll have an online diary of your exploits to look back on when you return from your travels.

However you choose to stay in touch, please make sure you do, it will give the people who care about you peace of mind, and they’ll be more likely to notice quickly if you disappear, which will help to keep you safe.


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