New Bathroom: Mistakes To Avoid To Ensure No Waterworks!

New Bathroom: Mistakes To Avoid To Ensure No Waterworks

Now that we are well into spring, it’s time to start doing some home renovations. After all, with lighter nights, we can work on our home until late. And one room you might decide to focus on is the bathroom. After all, it might have been in a sorry state for years. So now is the perfect time to give it a spruce up. However, it’s so easy to make errors when you are renovating the bathroom. Therefore, to ensure there are no water works, here are some mistakes to avoid when fitting a new bathroom.


Make you measure everything properly

It’s so easy to go pick a new suite for your bathroom without checking whether it will fit in your bathroom first. After all, you can easily be led astray if you and your family like the style. And then you might buy it without thinking about how it will fit in your bathroom. But then it can be a nightmare if you get it to your home and then it doesn’t fit properly. For one thing, if you have to squeeze it in, it will make the bathroom look smaller. And you will be left with little space in the room. And if it doesn’t fit at all, you will have to try to return it. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you need to make sure you measure everything correctly. Check the sizings in the store and then go home to work out exactly where it will go. That way, it will stop you making an error. And remember to make sure the suite is appropriate for your family. After all, you want a bath which will fit your height so you can have proper neck support while in the tub!

Don’t try and sort the pipes on your own

When you decide to renovate your bathroom, it’s likely you will choose a new suite. But when it comes to fitting things like toilets and new sinks, you need to make sure they are properly attached to the plumbing system. But when it comes to working with wires, it’s easy for things to get a bit confusing. And then you could potentially end up with water all over the floor if you don’t fit it correctly. Therefore, to ensure you don’t make a mistake, don’t try and sort it on your own. It’s time to hire a plumber who can make sure the pipes are all fitted properly. And by using companies like Do Rite Plumbing, you can avoid issues like leaks as everything will be sorted by a professional. Therefore, don’t risk making an error on your own.

Don’t leave painting till last

You should always try and make sure that you do the painting in your bathroom first before you start getting other things for your bathroom. After all, if you have already put things like towels in the bathroom, they could end up being ruined from the paint. Or they might not even look right in the room once you have done the painting! Therefore, make sure you always do painting first before buying anything else when renovating your bathroom. And ensure you pick waterproof paint. That way, it will be moisture resistant, so it will last longer.

And make sure you have all the right tools, so the revamp goes to plan!

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