Don’t Get Blogged Down: Top Tips To Improve Your Site

Don’t Get Blogged Down: Top Tips To Improve Your Site

It is estimated that 20,000 people try and start a blog every day. That’s an awful lot of people trying to capture the imaginations of readers and gather as many followers as possible. If you focus too much on the numbers, it can make running a successful blog even more daunting. It is a competitive world out there, but there is room for a lot of people to excel. If you’re trying to improve your site, and things haven’t been going too well, try not to get blogged down. Here are some useful tips to help you move onwards and upwards.

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Growing your audience

As a blogger, you don’t want to spend hours working on a new post only to discover that nobody has read it a week later. To succeed you need to establish a crowd of followers, and expand this pool every time you post a new article. There are lots of ways you can grow your audience. Social media is hugely effective for many people, especially those that target younger readers. We spend hours on our phones every week, and most people check their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds at least once a day. To boost your blog profile, take advantage of the ability to connect with audiences on online platforms. Advertise new posts, encourage people to share the links, and get people talking. Invite discussion, and offer incentives. You could run a competition for those who share the post, for example. Another way to improve your online presence is to use SEO. SEO will drive traffic to your site, and help you outgun your competitors.

Improving content and visual appeal

If you’re getting plenty of people to visit your site, but your blog still isn’t generating a huge amount of interest or any profit, there must be something not quite right with the content you’re producing or the look of the site. Come up with fresh concepts and original ideas, as well as tried and tested crowd-pleasers, and make sure the site looks the part. As humans, we respond better to visual cues than written paragraphs, and the aesthetics can make all the difference. If you want to make changes, do some research, and see what others are offering.

Usability and functionality

As a blogger, you need to ensure that people can get what they want out of the site. Prioritize functionality, make sure your site is technically sound, and update it on a regular basis. If your Internet connection is slow and this is holding you back, consider upgrading your package or get fios broadband. It’s important that you’re on the ball all the time, and you can connect and interact with your readers at all times.

Making more money

If you want your blog to be more profitable, look into advertising, use analytics to keep track of what works and what doesn’t, and form partnerships with other bloggers.

There’s a perception that blogging is easy, but it can be really tough to get ahead. Hopefully, these tips will help you improve your blog, earn more money, and get more enjoyment out of blogging.


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