Learning to Love Country Living

Learning to Love Country Living

It seems like the modern age has turned us all into lazy people. We can order groceries from the comfort of our home, we can buy electronics using the internet, we don’t have to go to the video store to rent a movie anymore and we can get fast food delivered straight to our door in under 30 minutes. With so many technological advances, it feels like we’ve all abandoned the simple rural lifestyle that many of our ancestors used to live.

It is, of course, with good reason. Cities are a bustling metropolis where life is fast paced and you need equally fast paced services in order to keep up. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves leaving behind the things that we should value more, and we might end up regretting our lives because we were constantly living in the fast line.

Thankfully, a lot of people are beginning to realise this. Instead of living in cramped and tiny apartments in the city because it’s close to their job, they’re trading them in for comfortable and spacious cabins out in the countryside. Why? To help you understand the joys of country living, here are a couple of points that might even convince you to make the switch.


Health benefits

This is something that almost everyone will tell you when it comes to country living. The fresh air, clean environment and lack of noise pollution all contribute to a healthier and more productive lifestyle. If you’re tired of breathing in car fumes whenever you take a trip to the grocery store, or if you hate the fact that you can’t get a good night’s rest because there are sirens screaming in the night, then consider moving to the countryside where it’s quiet, peaceful and a lot cleaner.

Embracing the community

Although the countryside is known to be fairly low populated compared to the city, that’s not exactly a bad thing because you’re more likely to run into the same faces and you’re more likely to get to know new people. One of the biggest advantages to living in the countryside is that you can build a community with those around you and become reliant on each other for help. For instance, you can always speak to your neighbours for help with gardening, looking after the children and even invite them over for dinner on a regular basis.

Open areas

When you live in the countryside, homes are usually much more open and you are lot more free to do what you want. You can typically build whatever modifications and extensions you want to a house, meaning that you can always change your home to fit the size of your family and the large plot of land you’ll own means you can use it for recreational purposes. You can use it as farmland to grow your own fruits and vegetables to sell, eat and share, you can play soccer with your children, and it gives them a safe place to play away from busy roads.

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