Pressure Cooker Rotisserie Chicken Stock

Pressure Cooker Rotisserie Chicken Stock


I am seriously in love with this photo! Don’t you want to reach in, pick up the cup and take a heartwarming sip of this homemade pressure cooker chicken stock?  That’s exactly what I did after I finished taking my pictures!
A quick warm-up in the microwave and I was ready to sit back and enjoy this warm and cozy cup of love on a chilly winter Sunday morning.  It’s actually spring, but I live in Minnesota, so enough said.  My daughter caught me in my happy place, cuddled up in a blanket with my cup of broth and she begged for a sip.  Then of course she wanted the rest so I chalked that one up in the “mom win” column and I got myself another cup.


Are you trying to lose weight?  If so, this could be a good option for you.  Sipping on chicken broth or stock is a great appetite suppressant.
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