Help Me! Who To See When You Have A Medical Issue!

Help Me! Who To See When You Have A Medical Issue!

In our modern, world we are lucky enough to have a wide range of medical professionals that we can see when we get sick. This is great because it means we have access to specialized care. But it can also cause confusion as it can be hard to know who to see with what problem. If you are having this issue, then just read our quick guide below to help you out.

The GP

The first stop for many folks that are experiencing a medical issue is their own doctor’s office. The doctors that work there are often general practitioners. Which means that they don’t specialize in one particular area. But their job is to diagnose what is wrong and then refer patients onto other specialists.

If you have a problem that you are concerned about and it is urgent or severely affecting your quality of life. Such as finding an unidentified lump, a mental health issue, or a concern about your heart and respiratory system, then going to your doctors first is the right choice.

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The Nurse

Now most folks believe that nurses work as assistants to doctors, and in some cases, this can be true. But modern nurses are much more specialized than that. In fact nurses, these days can have all sorts of advanced qualifications all the way up to a Ph.D in nursing. Like the one offered by Maryville Online, and other top medical institutions. That means nurses are also a valuable resource if you are suffering with an illness or disease.

Usually, within doctors surgery, you will be able to see the nurse if you have a health concern that is not as urgent or life threatening. Such as regular procedures like sexual health checks, dressing changes, and some mental health counseling.

However, if you go to a specific medical practice, it may be that you encounter a nurse with much experience and training in the issue that you are struggling with. Such as usual skin conditions, or resistant wound care.

The Pediatrician

A pediatrician is a doctor that specializes in the care of children. So they are who you will need to make an appointment with for your kids under 18 years.

As they just focus on this age, they are able to study more of the complaints that occur during infancy, and adolescence. Making them better equipped to deal with any medical issue that you child may be dealing with.

The Podiatrist

The podiatrist or foot doctor is where you need to go if you are having an issue with your feet.

This could be for something simple like an ingrowing toenail. Or a gait issue that needs orthopedics. Or even for foot skin issues such as corns and verrucas.

The Chiropractor

Lastly, if you are struggling with pain in your back, posture issues, or tension headaches, it might be best to head to the chiropractor.

These doctors specialize in the alignment of the body and skeleton. They often do massage and readjust to realign the body. With the view that it will minimize the pain and help the body to function better when it is in its natural posture.

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