Revealed: The Secrets Of Eating Meat Without It Being Unhealthy!

Revealed: The Secrets Of Eating Meat Without It Being Unhealthy!

Many people enjoy eating meat on a regular basis. There are several benefits of doing so, such as the fact they contain high levels of nutrients and protein. While it’s possible to get them from other types of food, meat is perhaps the best way to keep your body fighting fit. But, having said all that, consuming too much meat in one’s diet can also be detrimental to your health.

With those facts in mind, is it actually possible to be a meat eater and eat healthily? The answer is simple: yes! Some folks believe that we should only consume meat products once a week to avoid raising the risk of getting medical conditions like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. But, it’s possible to eat red meat more than once a week without it killing you!

So, what ARE the secrets of eating meat healthily? In today’s blog post, I will share that information with you so that you don’t have to starve yourself of your favorite means! Here is what you need to know:

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Choose the best cuts

When you go to your local supermarket or butcher, it’s crucial that you only purchase the best cuts of meat. With money being too tight to mention for many households, there’s always the temptation to buy cheaper, processed meat products.

While such an approach might save you a few dollars each week, what it will also do is make you feel unhealthy. It’s never a good idea to eat processed meat, especially when you have no idea where the source of the meat is from.

Instead, you should buy only USDA Select grade meat. There are many advantages to that over choice or prime cuts:


  • USA Select grade meat is leaner than Choice or Prime cuts;
  • The quality is more uniform;
  • The cuts are also tender, making them more suitable for grilling, broiling, or searing.

Choose meat that is lean

If you purchase meat that is lean, you can be confident that it contains less than 8.5 grams of fat per three-ounce serving. As you can imagine, if you eat too much fat with your meat, your heart isn’t going to be euphoric!


The good thing about leaner meat is that it still tastes as great as the non-lean varieties so you won’t be sacrificing flavor or quality.

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Invest in a smoker

Do you normally fry or grill your meat? If so, you might wish to consider investing in a smoker. The beauty of smoking meat is that you lock in all the flavor, therefore, enhancing the food, plus you don’t have to worry about the meat spoiling if you’re having a barbecue outdoors, for example.

As you can appreciate, there are a plethora of smokers you can buy, so you need to consider which one is best for your needs. As an example, electric models are rising in popularity due to their versatility and low operating costs.

If you’ve bought one in the past and haven’t been a big fan of it, the good news is that the technology has moved on a lot these days. Do not try another electric smoker until you’ve read these reviews so you can make an informed choice before you hand over any money!

Try to stick with grass-fed labeled meat

When you’ve been browsing packaged meat products at your supermarket, you may have come across ones that have “Grass-Fed” labels on them. Are they any better than the standard products that you’ve always purchased in the past?

In a word, yes! For a start, the meat you buy will contain up to 50% less fat than the alternatives. Secondly, you will be consuming fewer calories – perfect if you’re on a diet! And, third, it also suggests that the animal was raised in a better environment.

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Trim the fat

Before you cook your meat, it’s important that you trim away any excess fat. Doing so will mean that there is more space on your grill to cook other meats at the same time. Also, you reduce the likelihood of that excess fat getting consumed once it’s been cooked.

Remove any excess grease

Last, but not least, after cooking your meat, you should take the time to “towel off” any excess grease. Doing so will help you to reduce the amount of calories that you are consuming in your meal. Many people don’t realize that cooking oil and grease stuck on meat will increase their calorie intake!

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