Cedar Plank Salmon & Veggies

Cedar Plank Salmon & Veggies
How to Make Cedar Plank Salmon & Veggies In The Oven – honey dijon salmon and herb roasted vegetables oven roasted on cedar boards!
It took me weeks of having these fillets on my meal plan to get around to making them.  I don’t know what I thought was so hard about submerging the boards in the water.   I just filled the sink with water and stuck two large mason jars on top to keep them down.  I started my morning then I walked the dog, and when I came back the house was totally filled with the fresh smell of cedar boards, it was quite pleasant! I also read that you can pre-soak your boards and then freeze them, so that is something you could try if you wanted.  After the boards had been soaked, I prepped the salmon and veggies.
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