Samosas are the equivalent of the Latin American empanada, the only differences being that empanadas are not usually accompanied by a dip, and they are half-moon-shaped instead of triangular Samosas are not really hard to prepare. A bit labor intensive? Yes, but not so much that they can be considered intimidating, especially if you use ready made wonton wrappers like I do in the recipe below

Samosas are   delicious, fried, savory Indian pastries in the shape of a triangle filled with  chicken, lamb, or vegetables. The version I am offering here is filled with potatoes, onions and spices. Traditionally samosas are accompanied by  dipping sauces such as chutney or  yogurt topped with an herb such as chopped chives or cilantro(my favorite!) By the way, I am also offering the easy samosa recipe utilizing wonton wrappers.

According to food historians, samosas are thought to have originated in Central Asia and traveled to India via the trade routes. Depending on where you are in India, samosas will be different due to local tastes and dietary restrictions (some Indians are vegans). The size of the samosas can also vary between regions. What seems to remain constant throughout is the typical  triangular shape.

The word samosa is thought to come from the word sanbusak, an Arab word closely resembling the Persian word sanbosag. Variations of this word are used today through the Arab speaking world for foods similar to  Indian samosas.

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