Terrine (Pate de Campagne)

Terrine (Pate de Campagne)

Terrine is a coarse ground pate that is baked  in a loaf pan inside a water bath. Terrines normally incorporate two types of meats and use dried fruits, in the center, such as figs, apricots or cherries.

The process of making a terrine is not difficult, only involved since you will be utilizing a few preparation techniques. The yield is more than adequate, so you will have plenty to eat, share and even freeze.

The first technique you will be using is that of creating your own blend of spices in the form of quatre epices. Quatre epices is a mixture of four spices that is typically used in making pates and terrines. There are a couple of variations, but the most common one, and the one I use in this recipe consists of black pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

Another key step in creating the perfect terrine is to marinate the “center meat” in this case turkey, for a few hours before you bake.   Marinating allows for the flavors to really soak into the meat that is placed in strips in the center of the terrine and then released during the cooking process.

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