Crispy Fish Fingers with Tartar Dip

Crispy Fish Fingers with Tartar Dip Recipe

Fish Fingers are popular finger food or starters, perfect for a party or get together. Who can resist the crunchy Fish fingers with the creamy tartar dip? This tempting finger food will get over within no time, and the good news is that it is quite simple to prepare and tastes absolutely delicious!

Light and crispy Fish Fingers are delicate on the inside and tastes great with tartar sauce or cheese dip or even tomato sauce or garlic Mayo dip. I used to love Anithachechi’s (my cousin) yummy fish fingers and parsley dip. Her fish fingers were so yummy and we enjoyed it with the delicious dip.

Making these Fish Fingers at home is relatively very easy and it requires only simple ingredients. Any fleshy white fish fillet can be used for this. I have used Basa fillet and it turned out just great. Everything disappeared within no time.

My fish Finger recipe is mildly flavored; you can adjust the spices as per your taste. Instead of strips, cut into any shape or size of your choice. You can deep fry the fish fingers for a quick fix or bake in the oven. The tartar dip is a modified version and came out finger licking good. I have mixed store bought Gherkins which gives it a wonderful flavor. Enjoy festive occasions with wonderful Fish Fingers.

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