Top Tips For A Strong Spine

Top Tips For A Strong Spine

Having a strong spine and good posture can sometimes feel like fighting a losing battle as we get older. Just the simple routine things like hours spent sitting at an office desk or day after day walking around in uncomfortable shoes, can all contribute to bad posture, weak spines and back pain. So today we are sharing our top tips for keeping your spine strong, your posture upright and how to keep fighting the good fight against back pain.

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Your Sleeping Position

Postural and spine problems can come from the most surprising areas in our day to day lives. Just sleeping in the wrong position can affect the strength of your back. As you sleep your spine finally has the opportunity to relax and unwind, therefore it is essential that you allow it to be positioned in the best way possible way for the extended amount of time that you rest.

Your pillow and mattress are really important but they largely depend on your sleeping preference. Therefore it really worth investing a bit of time to find out the best pillow types and mattress materials that suit your sleeping position preference. So look into the best options available for your individual needs and make the necessary investment.


It’s nothing new that stretching and exercises can radically improve your posture and overall body health. However focusing on core body strength exercises is one of the best things that you can do to build up your core resistance and in turn improve the strength of your spine. Yoga is one of the best methods you can implement into your daily life to improve and even correct bad posture, strengthen your back muscles and reduce any back pain that you may be experiencing. Again, jump online and research the top yoga workouts for back health and postural improvement.


If you feel that your back problems are that far gone and you really need to take action to correct the health of your spine then minimally invasive back surgery may just be the answer. Surgery does not need to be so intimidating these days and with minimally invasive back surgery the procedure can actually be done as an outpatient spine surgery. Talk to your doctor and talk through the problems that you are experiencing and see what he or she recommends and talk through the options available to you.


The shoes you are wearing, every day, also play a surprisingly important role in the health of your spine and in maintaining a good posture. Our feet are all designed in different ways and we need to understand the unique shaping of our feet in order to understand the type of shoes we should be wearing on a day to day basis.

For example, women with flat feet should not spend extended periods of time in high heels as the arch of the shoe does not fit well with the natural flat shape of the foot. This will take its toll on your back and your posture and overall spine health will suffer as a result. Similarly women with a natural arch in their foot shouldn’t spend too much walking around in flat shoes as your back will take the brunt of this mismatched pairing. Talk to your orthopedic doctor about the most appropriate footwear for you to ensure that if you are walking long distances regularly, you are doing it in the best shoes to support your feet and in turn your back.

Regular Massages

Enjoying regular massages as part of your well being routine is a great way to not only reduce a bit of stress but also to increase the health of your spine. As massages release feel good endorphins and encourage blood flow this brings great healing power to any problematic back problems. So regular massages could be a really effective way to help reduce any niggling back pain or tension in the lower back.

Your Office Chair

Of all the chairs in your life, your office chair is most probably the chair that you spend the most time in, so it’s imperative that it is ergonomically designed. Because the disks in your lower spine are loaded, or stacked if you will, three times more when you’re sitting, than when you’re standing, long periods of time sitting in a bad position can result in painful back conditions. Therefore the company that you work for should be very mindful about providing the right office chair to support the natural curvature of your back.


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