Pickled Beet & Gorgonzola Spinach Salad


Pickled Beet & Gorgonzola Spinach Salad

This pickled beet & gorgonzola spinach salad is full of delicious and nourishing ingredients such as berries, pecans, spinach and more. Perfect for a dinner party or to just brighten your day.

Recently I was shopping and came across some beautiful golden beets. I like beets and the colors always get me. So I bought a bunch and the first thing I wanted to try was to pickle them. They turned out really good so I then went on to build a beautiful salad showcasing them. That is how I came up with this pickled beet & gorgonzola spinach salad. It consists of baby leaf spinach and topped with pickled beets and onions. Then I added some fresh raspberries and blueberries along with a few pecans and crumbled gorgonzola cheese. This delicious salad tastes tangy, tart, sweet, crunchy, creamy and nutty. It has it all!

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