Carrot Corriander Soup

Carrot Corriander Soup

The smooth and creamy texture of this carrot coriander soup, its pleasant aroma, and flavor will please your family’s palate. Carrot coriander soup is healthy, vegan and requires only a few ingredients.

Carrot Coriander Soup. Hmmmm…, now that sounds interesting! Well, it is; and I have two stories to tell you about this; one about soup, the other about carrots. Prior to writing this post my carrot knowledge was  fairly limited to: carrots are a tasty orange tuber found in the produce section of your grocery store. That’s it!!! Well, that doesn’t really make for a good story does it? So, I began my research into the origins of this popular root vegetable.  To my pleasant surprise and yours now, I “unearthed” a wealth of information. But, I digress, and we need to get back to the stories. I first tried carrot coriander soup on a recent trip to Ireland. The site of this tasting: The Danny Mann Pub in Killarney, an inviting place with a warm atmosphere, excellent Irish hospitality, and not to mention a fabulous menu. If you are ever in Killarney, I highly recommend it (both the soup and the Pub!). This soup was so good, that I was inspired to develop my own version. I think I came pretty close in taste and texture. I hope you enjoy it!

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