Lemon Curd Dip

Lemon Curd Dip

This easy lemon curd dip is citrus flavored and ready in less than 5 minutes. Perfect for picnics, parties & entertaining at home.

Do you like fruit dips? I hope you do because I have one for you. This lemon curd dip is such an easy dip to make and has such great flavor. I highly suggest you make homemade lemon curd but if you feel like it’s too much an effort then the shop bought one will do the trick as well. By the way, making homemade lemon curd is awfully easy and it only takes 15 minute.

Anyways, this simple fruit dip is perfect for parties, family gatherings, picnics or any get-together. I quite liked the idea of serving this lemon curd fruit dip in a muffin/cupcake tray. I think this way your guests have the dip to themselves and don’t be worried about re-dipping because let’s face it, there is always someone who re-dips, isn’t there? I have a muffin tray for 6 muffins that is perfect for this dip. Let’s say you have 3 couples, so fill 3 holes with this dip and the other 3 with fruits or pretzels.

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