5 Simple Tips For Making More Of A Courtyard Garden

5 Simple Tips For Making More Of A Courtyard Garden

Courtyard gardens are often spaces that get neglected, simply because people are unsure of how to get the most out of them. Of course, you could opt to overhaul your courtyard garden and have grass and borders put in, but that would come at quite a high cost and may not be possible if you don’t own your home. Instead, why not make an effort to transform your courtyard garden into a beautiful retreat that you can use to relax in and soak up the sun?

They might not have grass or borders, but there is something about courtyard gardens, something magical. Or, at least, there can be if they’re made the most of. Have you ever been abroad and loved the roof gardens that many villas have? Well, you can recreate the beauty of a roof garden in your courtyard, creating a garden that is picture perfect and a real retreat from the outside world.

To make the most of a courtyard garden, below are five simple design tips to take note of.

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  1. Get some inspiration

Start off by getting inspired. Think back to your holidays abroad and think about the beautiful roof terraces and pool patios that you have seen. What do they all have in common? What is it that makes these spaces so appealing? Another way to get the inspiration that you need is to have a browse online – you are sure to find plenty of ideas on garden blogs, websites, and photo sharing sites, so take your time having a browse.


  1. Greenery is crucial

What do all the most relaxing courtyard gardens have, from sun terraces to roof gardens? They all have lots of greenery, from palm trees to cactuses. So what you want to do is think about what type of greenery you want to incorporate into your garden – the more shrubs, plants, and bushes you can incorporate the better. What you are trying to do is create a jungle-like vibe.


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  1. Pot plants are your best friend

As well as adding lots of greenery, you also want to add plenty of pretty flowers to the space. The best way to do this is with pot plants. The great thing about pot plants is that the pots in themselves can add style, especially if you are choosy about the types of pots that you invest in. As for the plants, what you want are things that are bright, beautiful, and smell lovely. You don’t just have to put one plant per pot; you can create mini gardens with lots of different plants.


  1. Be selective with furniture and accessories

When it comes to the furniture and accessories that you incorporate into the space, you want to be selective. What you want to do is pick features that add a sophisticated vibe to the space – you can find ideas here for the best pieces of furniture to use. Ideally, you want to incorporate wood or rattan furniture, not plastic pieces. As for the accessories, what you want to do is pick pretty things like solar powered fairy lights, LED candles, and patterned outdoor cushions, that help to create a relaxed and luxurious vibe.


  1. Incorporate climbers

To give the garden some height, consider incorporating climbing plants into your garden. If you have a fence or wall in your garden, you can climb pretty plants like honeysuckle up them. You could also consider adding an archway to the space, to grow plants like roses up.

Want you want to aim to do is create a patio that’s pretty and luxurious, as well as somewhere that has a wonderfully relaxing vibe to it.

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