The Dos And Don’ts Of Switching Off And Reconnecting With Nature

The Dos And Don’ts Of Switching Off And Reconnecting With Nature


We are all switched onto electrical devices these days, there is no wonder that many people want to turn them off and get back in touch with nature. I know many people who find that constantly having their smartphone or tablet device with them can quickly stress them out. That’s because they are constantly notified whenever someone wants to get in touch with them, in both a professional and personal sense. It really does pay to try and reconnect with nature, as it gives you a chance to escape tech and all the extra pressure that it adds to life. Not sure how you can do that? You just need to bear in mind these dos and don’ts.

Don’t Force Your Kids

Lots of people who are interested in disconnecting from tech for a period think it will be easier if their family follow suit as well. However, your children – especially older ones and teenagers – might not be so keen on the whole idea. It is important that you don’t force them to give up tech. Otherwise, you will have to deal with their anger and frustration, and that could make the whole situation a lot harder for you to deal with. It’s worth suggesting that they give up tech with you, but don’t ever force them against their will.


Do Find Your Own Rural Getaway

Ever thought about running away to a private log cabin in the woods? Well, that dream could very much become a reality if you build you own! It’s not too difficult, especially when you use all the advice available on sites like If that sounds a little too adventurous for you, you may prefer to rent a cabin. This should be a completely tech-free space and one that is close enough to nature for you to easily enjoy hikes and cycle rides.

Don’t Leave Nature Outside

You can also enjoy nature at home; all it takes is adding some additions to your home. Bringing lots of plants and flowers inside the home can help to freshen up the air and add lots of vibrant colors to your decor. Some studies show that houseplants even have a great relaxing effect on families. You can see the best types of plants here: It’s also worth adding some bird feeders to your garden. These will encourage lots of wildlife into your garden, which can help the whole ecosystem flourish.


Do Use Your Senses

You will find that the more you use your senses when you are out and about, the more you will connect to the natural environment around you. So be sure to smell all the flowers that you pass on your daily walks. You might also want to touch the bark on trees to remember what it feels like. This is a great way to reconnect with nature in a way that our ancestors did – they relied heavily on their senses in order to survive.

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