Skinny Wine Spritzer

Skinny Wine Spritzer

Skinny Wine Spritzers are the perfect lazy way to enjoy a cold refreshing cocktail this summer!

My intent was to make you guys a sangria recipe a la my mother.  She always talks about the sangria at this restaurant she used to work at and swears that the KEY ingredient was bananas.  Weird right?  I thought so.  She recounted the recipe to me, and I wrote it all down, then I laughed to myself BAHAHAHAHAHA YA RIGHT!  There were like 15 ingredients in it. I’m still laughing, can you hear me?  That is so not my style, especially when it comes to alcohol.

I mean there were like 15 types of juice, which we don’t typically drink in my house anyway.  (We’d rather save our sugar calories for the good stuff like ice cream and chocolate and alcohol.)  Instead, I decided to bring you a recipe I make all summer long.  It’s not really a recipe, but here it goes.  I took one bag of TJ’s frozen tropical medley and dumped it into a pitcher with a bottle of red wine.  What kind of red wine?  I don’t know, RED.  Sorry, despite my summer in Europe and many trips to wineries I know I like red and don’t like white, that’s all I got for you.  So I covered that with saran wrap and let it soak overnight.  RED WINE SOAKED FRUIT IS THE BEST!

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