Lawn Care: It’s Time to Get the Basics Straight

Lawn Care: It’s Time to Get the Basics Straight

Looking after your garden’s lawn is never as simple or straightforward as you imagine it will be. That’s probably why your lawn is not exactly looking as healthy or as green as you would want it to at this time of the year. If you want to fix things and begin to turn around the problem, you need to go back to basics. Read on to get the basics of lawn care straight and get your garden looking as good as it can.

Watering Correctly is Key

You need to know how and when to water your lawn if you are going to look after it in the right kind of way. If you have just planted seeds in the lawn, you need to water it every day for a matter of minutes; 10-15 minutes will be enough. Watering your garden has to be done differently if you are not planting seeds, though. In that case, you just need to water once it once a week, but make sure that you water deeply. Spiking holes in the ground can help this.

Confront Weeds in the Right Way

If you have a weed problem, don’t just reach for the nearest herbicide that’s packed full of dangerous chemicals. If you do that, you will just cause your lawn more harm in the long-term. Luckily, there are natural herbicides available that you can buy and take advantage of if you want to. These are much better and won’t cause your lawn long-term problems. You can also prevent weed problems arising by keeping your lawn at the right length.

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Be Honest About Your Own Gardening Abilities

You should also recognise the limits of your abilities and your interest when it comes to gardening and lawn care. Not everyone has the time or inclination for these kinds of duties. And if you know that you are simply not going to maintain a strong, long-term lawn care routine, it might be better for you to just hire some help instead. It’s pretty easy to find a lawn care service that’s right for you. And there is nothing wrong with getting professional help if you need it.

Get to Know Your Grass

There is not just one type of grass out there. There are actually many different types, and you need to find out what kind of grass, as well as what type of soil, you’re dealing with in your garden. Only then will you be able to make sure that you look after your lawn and garden in the right way. And simply getting to know your garden and what works for it and what doesn’t will have a big impact as well.

Think About Air Supply

Finally, don’t neglect the air supply issue. Many people don’t even know that this is a problem that lawns can have. But if the air supply is inadequate in some way, your lawn will suffer as a consequence. Improve circulation by creating holes in the soil regularly and making sure that the ground is not too compacted.

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