Why You’re Not Comfortable At Home

Why You’re Not Comfortable At Home

If you ever find that you are not quite as comfortable in your own home as you would like to be, the culprit might be more subtle than you think. Being comfortable at home is an essential part of happy living on a daily basis. When you don’t have this fulfilled, it can cause a lot of unnecessary stress which you would rather do without. But many people in the modern world know this experience, and it can be surprisingly hard to fix if you don’t know where to start. In this post, we are going to look at some of the major and common causes of home discomfort. If you’re not feeling completely at home in your home, one or more of the following might be to blame.

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It’s Not The Right House

Put simply, if you are not enjoying your time at home at all, it might just be that it is not the right home. Most people move from place to place and end up having a few different homes throughout their lives. It is fairly typical not to find the place of your dreams very early on. If you feel that there is something just wrong with your home, then maybe that means that you have outgrown it or it is just not right for you. When that is the case, there is really nothing to do except move. Although looking for a new property can be tough, it is definitely worth it if it means finding a home which you can feel more relaxed in. When you are able to enjoy your home, and you know that it is truly your space, daily life becomes much easier and happier.

The Lighting Is Too Harsh Or Dim

Most people don’t put much thought into what effect their lighting is having in the home. But the truth is that your lighting actually has a big impact on how the home feels. This is a subtle background effect, but a pervasive and powerful one, and it is worth looking into if you’re not feeling comfortable at home. More often than not, the problem is lighting which is too harsh. Using bright fluorescent bulbs or kitchen strip lighting might well effectively light up an area, but it can also lead to stress and cause headaches in many people. Instead, consider switching to energy saving bulbs or just a dimmer alternative. But don’t go too dim – this is another way that lighting can contribute to levels of stress in the home, by not being bright enough. You need to try and find the balance if you want to remain comfortable, so start working on what kind of lighting works best for you today.

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The Furniture Is Old Or Broken

Of course, being comfortable at home does also actually mean comfort – the ability to sit and lie down without being in pain or unease. So it is clear enough that the quality of your furniture is also a big determiner of how comfortable or not your home is as a whole. If you want to feel more comfortable, then taking a look at your furniture is always going to be a good idea. Often, people keep furniture until it is practically falling apart. In some respects, this might be admirable – you are causing much less waste, after all. But you should still feel free to treat yourself to some new furniture when it gets really bad. Sometimes, it is not that it has broken or fallen apart, but it is just so old that it has lost its true comfort. This often happens with sofas and beds. Be kind to yourself and your body – replace anything that is not truly cushioning you.

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The Decor Is Aggressive

For anyone who is renting or living with parents, you probably have very little say over the decor in the home. And a lot of homeowners themselves leave it a long time to update or upgrade their decor, leading to a surprising amount of discomfort on an unconscious level. Something that very often causes significant levels of pain is when the decor is particularly aggressive. In other words, walls which are too focused on a bright color, or too many hues of different colors. Having this kind of decoration throughout the home might seem appealing at first, but often it is the last thing you need when you are trying to just relax. Instead, go for lighter colors, pastels, and try to generally have less going on visually. This is bound to make a big difference to how you feel when you are trying to relax.

It’s An Untrustworthy Neighborhood

Sometimes the culprit is not the home itself, but the space around the home. If you feel that you live in an area where you don’t really trust many people, this can easily affect the feeling and the mood inside the home. If this is what is going on for you, there is really only one solution: to move home. Although it might seem like a lot of hassle to up sticks and move your belongings, it is worth it if it means a happier home life with less stress. You owe it to yourself to live as peacefully as possible, and often placing yourself in a happier environment is the best way to do just that. Find a new location carefully, and consider moving there as soon as you feel able to. It might make a huge difference to your whole life.

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The Home Lacks Any Nature

Good homes need a lot of nature to work as well as possible. Whether or not you have ever actually considered it, having some nature indoors really does make a big difference to how you feel inside that space. It doesn’t have to be much – even just buying one or two house plants and dotting them around can help to make your home more peaceful. There are proven clear benefits to having nature indoors, and you will find that your experience of living at home is much improved when you make this essential change. What’s more, having something living to look after really helps you to be calm and relaxed anyway, so it works in a double fashion.

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There Is An Unpleasant Smell

For whatever reason, we often forget about the scent in the home. But this is another area which is worth paying attention to if you want to massively improve the way the home feels to you. How the home smells can affect how you feel about it, and can, in turn, make a difference to how relaxed and comfortable you feel in the home. Consider using an air freshener in one of the main rooms, but don’t over do it. You want a natural smell, not to be overtaken by artificial scents. You might find that sandalwood incense is the way to go, as this is less pervasive but has a calming effect. Also, remember the importance of simply keeping the home clean.

The Temperature Is Too High Or Low

Temperature control is important for many reasons, and there is evidence to suggest that it might even be something of a health concern. When you are able to accurately control the temperature in your home, it means that you have much greater control over how comfortable your home is on the whole. Temperature is a big part of comfort, and you want to make sure that it is never too high or too low, if you can help it. To ensure greater control over the interior climate in your home, consider installing a thermostat from which you can control room by room the temperature of each. This is highly effective, as different spaces will need slightly different temperatures depending on size and other factors.

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The Atmosphere Needs Improvement

There is a lot to be said for the general atmosphere of the home. In a way, everything else that we have discussed affects the environment, but it is also its own concern which you would do well to address. The atmosphere can be seen as a resultant combination of the different people who live in the home, so achieving a more positive atmosphere is really a matter of working on your personal relationships more skillfully. This is something which can take a lot of practice and might be beyond the scope of this article in its entirety, but you should consider working on it if you want to be more comfortable at home, and you want other to be more comfortable also.

It’s Messy

If there is anything that leads to stress and discomfort in the home fast, it’s mess. Having a messy home really affects the way you feel at home in a harmful and powerful way, and it is often palpable what a difference it can make. If you’re feeling uncomfortable a lot of the time, check to see whether you are keeping the home in good condition. If you are letting it get messy and dirty a lot of the time, then that might be the answer you are looking for.

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