Raspberry Lime Shrub Drink


Raspberry Lime Shrub Drink

This raspberry lime shrub drink is a great gift for Mother’s day. Easy to make and can be used to make a refreshing drink, cocktail, salad dressing and even as a glaze for chicken or fish!

I tasted a shrub a few years ago at a food expo here in Pittsburgh. I thought it was absolutely delicious and was very excited because it was something new to me. Shrubs in case you have never heard of them are also called drinking vinegars from Colonial times. They are a combination of fruit, sugar and vinegar and you can use them to make drinks, salad dressings and more. I really like them because they have that tart and sweet taste and they are super easy to make.  You can use your creativity to come up with lots of tasty combinations like I did with this raspberry lime shrub drink.

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