Tuscan Tomato and Egg Skillet

Tuscan Tomato and Egg Skillet

So hearty and filling especially for a weekend morning, our Tuscan Tomato and Egg Skillet brings one of the highlights of rustic Italian cooking into your home.

Starting with a sizzling hot skillet, you’ll mix a fresh batch of Sofrito, which is simply just a magic sauce that makes everything it touches sing with flavor and end with crispy potatoes and a perfectly poached eggs.

But there’s a few things to look out for to make this dish successful.

This very easy to make Tuscan breakfast is a staple in Tuscany. Rustic and hearty it was eaten by farmers. It kept them full throughout the day. The beauty of the Tuscan skillet is you can use a wide variety of potatoes. Purple Peruvian, Yukon Gold, just about any type will do. I also like using heirloom tomatoes when available, the colors really make the dish come to life. I also recommend using a well-seasoned cast iron skillet, it will crisp up your potatoes very nicely.

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