Slightly Skinny Strawberry Blondies


Try this award winning light and slightly skinny Strawberry Blondie bar made with bananas, egg whites, fresh strawberries and low fat pudding, if you are looking for a little lighter and healthier dessert.


My daughter’s 7th birthday was upon us and she wanted a party at home. That meant several kids and their parents would be coming over and I really didn’t want to clean my house, So, when I saw this strawberry contest with the grand prize being FREE HOUSE CLEANING, I felt like I hit the jackpot! If I could win the grand prize, I could say good-bye to our cleaning woes, at least for a day….

I had a house cleaner once. It was the best 3 weeks of my life! Sadly, soon after I got the service, I had to give it up because I changed jobs,  cut my hours and could no longer afford it. However, if I ever win the lottery, a house cleaner will be my first purchase.

I am not just talking basic cleaning, I am talking about the big clean. You know the one? The clean that has built all year; the one that desperately needs doing by spring. But this year it had dragged on to summer (her birthday is in July). Wait. Who am I kidding? It had really dragged on since my kids were born. And I had no time and no real interest in doing it.

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