Low Carb Chocolate Mousse in the Instant Pot


Low Carb Chocolate Mousse in the Instant Pot

This low carb chocolate mousse is so easy to make in the Instant Pot you will be making it every week! Only 4.4g net carbs for this chocolatey, creamy treat!

Did you ever taste pots de creme? I have just discovered them and I am obsessed. They are rich, creamy and oh so delicious. Recently I have been making them in my Instant Pot but when I tried to stretch the recipe it a bit and make it low carb, it became more of a mousse. That is why I am calling this recipe a low carb chocolate mousse instead of a chocolate pot de creme. Regardless it’s delicious and low carb and with the Instant Pot it is very, very easy. Whether or not you are watching your carbs, you are going to love this recipe!

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