One Bowl Honey Oatmeal Bread

One Bowl Honey Oatmeal Bread

Gluten-free honey oat bread made with just a few simple ingredients in only one bowl!  No refined flour (oat flour only), butter or dairy!

I had been sleeping 7 hours of sleep a night, but working continuously like that did eventually catch up with me.  I basically spent Saturday sleeping, in between a grocery store tour and bowling for a friend’s birthday.  I slept for almost 4 hours!  I guess I’m one of those people that need to catch up on sleep when I lose it throughout the week.

I usually do well in situations of temporary overloading, right now it’s simply because I overloaded my plate for the next few weeks to make sure I had a steady income this summer.  Since I am an adjunct faculty member, I am not typically given classes in the summer. In the future, when kids come into the picture, I see this being a huge benefit but right now not so much.  In truth, I’m proud of everything I accomplished last week, but the thing I am most proud of is this bread!

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