Sweet Onion Quiche-Zwiebelkuchen

Sweet Onion Quiche-Zwiebelkuchen

Sweet onion quiche or Zwiebelkuchen is a typical German recipe, that was given to me by my friend Angela. I told her I would give her a shout out, and she agreed to share this simple yet delicious recipe with me.  Angela brought this delightful dish to my house for a party. One bite and I had to ask her for the recipe.

Sweet onion quiche  is another example of European frugality, and one that shows that you don’t need fancy ingredients to create a fabulous dish. Because you are using sweet onions, the taste is not overly “oniony” for lack of a better word.

Angela uses sour cream in her Sweet Onion Quiche. This is a great addition to the recipe because it gives the egg mixture a really soft creamy consistency, almost like scrambled eggs. I also like that Angela confessed that she uses store bought crust (gasp) when she is in a pinch.  This recipe also uses a small amount of “speck” a German ham similar to prosciutto, but different in that it is first brined and then cold smoked. It is fantastic. Angela says that you can use a wood smoked bacon if you are unable to find speck.


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