Food Hacks That Melt In The Mouth, Not The Wallet

Food Hacks That Melt In The Mouth, Not The Wallet

Everyone wants to eat healthy food because that is the best way to maintain your well-being. The tricky part is finding the money to finance the weekly trip to the supermarket. Sadly, eating healthily isn’t cheap and it puts people such as you off organic produce. But, what if there were ways to cut the cost – would you be interested?

If the answer is yes, that’s fantastic news because it will boost your bank balance as well as your health. And, there is no need to worry about the taste, either, as modern recipes are as flavorsome as ever. So, without further ado, here are the food hacks that you need in your life.

Plan Ahead

There is nothing worse than hitting the grocery store without a plan. The reason for this is that you start to freestyle, and that means additional items in the basket. By the time you bag up all the items, the cost will be much costlier than you ever imagined. At least with a plan, you can keep track of the price and budget accordingly. That way, there should be fewer surprises by the time you get to the checkout counter. Also, most people can’t remember what is in the fridge if they don’t look first. What this means is that you’re likely to buy ingredients that you don’t need, which is a waste. They may be small items, but every penny counts in the final price.

Stick To The Script

One reason to make a list in the first place is to remember everything that you need. Of course, this stops you from buying unnecessary items, items that increase the cost. More importantly, it helps you avoid the tricks that supermarkets like to employ to lure you into a purchase. Stores aren’t stupid, and they know customers buy things on a whim. As a result, the layout is supposed to make it more tempting for every person that walks in the door. That’s why the bakery is towards the back with the smell of fresh bread wafting through the building. It’s also why the treats are by the checkout area. With a list, there is no reason to browse, so there is a less chance of being brash.


Don’t Shop On An Empty Stomach

It isn’t only the supermarkets that you have to watch out for because you can be your own worst enemy. Yep, you and your stomach can ruin everything if you feel hungry. When you haven’t eaten, it is tempting to throw anything you see into the trolley. Even if you have enough, your glutinous stomach tells your brain to pick it up ASAP. When you get home, the extras are left untouched and your credit card has to pick up the bill. Shopping with a full stomach is an excellent solution as food is less inviting. Then, you can stick to the script and the budget.

Forget About Loyalty

Everyone has a store that they use on a weekly or daily basis. It is called brand loyalty, and it is harming your bank balance. Whether you like it or not, some stores have better deals than others. And, you’re missing out if you insist on sticking with one store over the rest. The trick is to shop around a selection of supermarkets to find the best deals. That way, it is possible to buy a trolley full of groceries without overspending. Plus, it also helps you keep up to date with the latest deals, so you know where to shop and when. Although it isn’t nice, loyalty doesn’t get you anywhere in the food industry. What does is moving from one store to the next and forming zero emotional ties. That sounds silly because it is only a store, but the average person does it every day.

Leave Your Ego At Home

People often dismiss the idea of shopping with coupons and discount codes. It’s almost as if there is something wrong with getting a good deal on food. Well, there isn’t which is why you should consider using vouchers more often. Let’s face it – healthy food is expensive. So, you should try and lower the cost as much as possible. Discounts from Coupon Sherpa – Coupons, Promo Codes & Printable Coupons – is an excellent way to hit this target. And, because the majority of people dismiss them out of hand, there are lots at your disposal. The key is not to let your ego and vanity get in the way of getting a bargain. Again, it sounds stupid, but a person’s mentality does affect how they shop.

Don’t Touch Brands

Big companies are brilliant at making customers think they sell the best produce. Sometimes, it is true and you can’t find a better product anywhere else no matter how hard you try. Still, there are times when their products are no better than the competition’s, yet their name tips the scales. If you’re truthful, it isn’t hard to admit that you have done or continue to do this on occasion. It isn’t rare because the power of the brand is strong. What is uncommon is using this information to your benefit. Now that you understand how reputable companies work, you can avoid their marketing tricks. That means forgetting about the shiny label and opting for a generic product instead. After all, every supermarket has a company range that is far cheaper and just as nice. In fact, most factories process brand goods and lesser known ones for financial reasons.

Cook At Home

It goes without saying, but you need to stop eating out to save money. Going to a nice restaurant is nice every so often because it’s a great experience. But, doing it once or twice a week isn’t very frugal. Sure, the food is delicious, but it is also costly. If you’re on a budget, a fancy eatery will chip away at it like a caterpillar on a leaf. Anyway, it is essentially takeout food, and that isn’t very healthy. There are ways to make sure a meal is healthy, yet it is much easier to cut out the middle person. All you have to do is pick a recipe, follow it, and sit down to a tasty meal. The ambiance may not be the same, yet it doesn’t matter. All that matters is how much money you have left in your back pocket. The answer: more than if you eat out every couple of days.


Make Large Meals

How does making more help save money? For starters, it allows you to buy in bulk. Buying single items is often a good way of wasting money as they are expensive. Even though it doesn’t sound logical, buying more produce is usually the cheapest method. Plus, more ingredients mean a bigger pan of food, which means leftovers. In Western society, most people either finish off the pot or throw the rest away. If you’re frugal, you can store it in a container and warm it up the day after. The amount you save on food is pretty substantial, and it also cuts the cost of overheads. Warming food in a microwave for thirty seconds isn’t as expensive as burning gas or electricity.

Visit A Wholesaler

There are two reasons wholesalers are popular. The first is that they sell in bulk, which you already know to be the cheapest option. The second is that they sell anything and everything you can think of under one roof. Take Costco as an example. Not only does it have food and drinks available, but it also has a sports and leisure section as well as electronics and computers. Even if you need stationary, Costco – the business & office supplies section – is on hand to help. As a result, there are no ingredients that you can think of that you can’t buy in bulk from a wholesaler. As a result, regardless of the food, it is cheaper at a merchant store than it is anywhere else on the market. That’s a metaphorical market, not the one which comes to town every Sunday!  

Buy In Season

Thanks to chemicals, it isn’t uncommon to find ‘out of season’ goods on the shelves. You only need to recognize that strawberries are available all year round to see this is true. Unfortunately, even though they are readily available, these products are also more expensive. Because of the demand, the stores can jack up the price without compromising their revenue streams. There isn’t much you can do, other than buy foods that are in season. Although strawberries are expensive out of season, there are cheaper now thanks to greater supply. So, there is no reason to splash out and pay over the odds. Anyway, foods taste better when they aren’t full of chemicals. They are fresher and cleaner, and that adds to the quality.

One final thing: take advantage of sales. Stores have sales all of the time, and it is your job to exploit them when possible.


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