PB&J Breakfast Sandwich

PB&J Breakfast Sandwich

I have this incessant need to make peanut butter things and that was the inspiration for this “PB&J Breakfast Sandwich.” If you are looking for unique breakfast ideas for kids, look no further..

This need to make peanut butter things began when my kids started school and peanut butter became the forbidden food. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating  that we start sending peanut butter to school again. Nut allergies are real and scary and I completely hold up my end when it comes to keeping it at home and the kids safe at school. But I still can’t help but yearn for the days of peanut butter freedom.

When I was a kid, peanut butter was everywhere. We ate peanut butter on toast and my Mom made peanut butter cookies and those really gross peanut butter marshmallow squares thingies (that people seem to like). Then we took those peanut butter thingies to school and shared  them with other kids -without their parents’ permission! My brother was so obsessed with peanut butter that when he tried to run away at the age of 5,  all he packed, besides a couple of pairs of gonch and some stuffies,  was a jar of peanut butter!  To me, peanut butter is as much a part of childhood as playing hide n’seek. Yet my kids never think to eat it.



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