Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

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When it comes to home design, most people’s efforts and focused on their interiors. The internet is filled with articles on interior design, but when it comes to promoting outdoor design, search results can often fall relatively short. This shouldn’t be the case. Yes, we may spend more time inside our homes than in our outdoor living spaces. But our outdoor space is just as important. It is a place to relax without feeling confined. A place where we can connect with nature. A place to breathe. So here are a few tips and tricks to creating the perfect outdoor space for you.

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Small Spaces

If you live in the inner city, you may find that your outdoor space is minimal. But not to worry. You can still make the most of whatever room you have. If you don’t have a garden at all, invest in window boxes where you can have pretty little flowers or where you can grow your own herbs. You can also try out climber plants on the exterior of your building. These take up next to no space but add a touch of nature to your home. If you have a small garden space, make the most of it! You can have small potted plants, little water features and perhaps even some seating. Whether this is just a bench or a couple of garden chairs, it will offer you an alternative space to relax in.

Larger Gardens (Professional)

This is where the fun begins. If you have a larger garden, you are opened up to all sorts of opportunities and design ideas. If you have the budget, call in the professionals for the best job possible. Consider Neave Group, who have plenty of experience and an expansive portfolio of lavish outdoor design. It’s always best to find designers with great reviews to avoid wasting time or money with people who aren’t going to be able to sufficiently realize your vision. Professionals will be able to carry out more complex work, like fitting large water features, adding patios, decking or pagodas and effectively planting more specialist trees or plants.

Larger Gardens (DIY)

If you’re working with a smaller budget, not to worry. There are plenty of options that you can carry out yourself that will add an extra edge to your exterior space. This might be as simple as scoping out and digging out your own flower bed and filling it with plants that have a year round lifespan. These are easier to care for without specialist tips and knowledge. Try out evergreens. These are especially beautiful in the winter months when they’re frost covered and festive. Add cute little touches like mini solar lights and ornaments. Give your fences a touch of new paint and, if you have a shed, paint it to match! Change colors according to seasons to create new atmospheres year round. For the summer months, fresh bright colors are great! Try duck egg blues or vibrant yellows. In the winter, tone things down with dark grays or greens.

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