Moroccan Saffron Chicken

Moroccan Saffron Chicken

Moroccan Saffron Chicken is another Moroccan dish with an eclectic blend of spices that is easy to prepare and oh so aromatic! Like all Moroccan food, it is the blend of spices, and the slow cooking process that makes this a most delightful and flavorful dish.

Moroccan cuisine has many influences, including Jewish, Berber and Andaloussi. Moroccan food is first and foremost based on fresh ingredients, aromatic spices and slow cooking methods which infuse the food with rich flavors.

I always like to make this recipe in my tagine dish; however, if you do not own a tagine you can make Moroccan Saffron Chicken in a crock pot, braising pan,  Dutch oven, or rectangular baking dish.

One of the best things about Moroccan Saffron Chicken, apart from its wonderfully rich and aromatic flavor is the fact that it generates so much juice that you can save it, freeze it and use it a later date. For example, use it for cooking your rice instead of using water, or make a quick sauce for grilled shrimp or tilapia, by whisking in a little bit of flour. Better yet, freeze the extra juice into ice cubes and enjoy it as a base for future stews. The possibilities are simply endless!!!!

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